Interactive Media Science Projects, (IMSP) Science Education, Florida State University produces major projects nationally and internationally that utilize technology in teaching science education; targeting middle and high school students. Several of the multimedia products that came out of these projects are in use in middle schools around the country today.

I was the Art Director and produced many of the graphics and designs for several projects including:

Burning Issues I and II – The Role of Fire in Ecosystems is a DVD about the role of fire in the natural environment.

Fire in Wildhorse Basin is an interactive web site to teach students in middle grades (5-9) about the role of fire in natural ecosystems, the use of fire in ecosystem management, and the techniques and strategies used to rehabilitate ecosystems that have been damaged by wild fire.

Silent Invaders - A web site developed by Florida State University's Science Education Department in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior, to engage middle school students in learning about invasive plants and animals. The website includes a colorful and informative field guide to the top 20 most troublesome plant and animal species, an invasive plant control game, videos offering basic background information, and an educator's guide.

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